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Gulsan Construction

About Company


Founded in 1989, in order to bring a fresh breeze into the Turkish tourism sector, Gulsan has been developing various sophisticated projects. Initially based in Antalya, Gulsan seeks for brand new investment alternatives in the Black Sea, Marmara and Southeastern regions.

In order to meet the growing energy deficit in Turkey, Gulsan has emerged with a presence in the energy sector, specifically with respect to hydroelectric power plants. Gulsan's targeted medium-term energy production is estimated at around 1.5 billion kWh.

We try to consolidate our work by maintaining a dialogue with prominent business communities, such as Electricity Producers Association

Between high population growth, rapid urbanization and two destructive earthquakes in recent years, demand for abundance and high quality in Turkey’s housing sector has skyrocketed. In 2005, Gulsan Real Estate Development and Investment Co. was established in order to build thoughtfully designed mix-used projects in carefully considered locations.

263 Ada Urban Regeneration Project

Tepeoren Housing Project

Ankara Oran

Gülsan Plaza

Precast Concrete Production

With Precast Concrete garnering increased recognition for its high quality, technological advantages and ease of installation, Gülsan established its Precast Concrete Plant in 1992, starting with 60 employees. The plant operates on a 60,000 square meter plant area with a 20,000 cum/year capacity in Istanbul and the Marmara Region. Specializing in manufacturing quality ready-mix concrete, precast viaduct beams, New Jersey-type concrete road barriers, pre-cast box culverts, u-type precast drainage channels and many more, there are 2 concrete batching plants, 15 transmixers and 2 concrete pumps at the plant.

All concrete types ranging from lean concrete to C70 can be produced. The annual concrete production capacity is approximately 250,000 cum/year.

Awarded with Quality Assurance System (KGS), Gulsan is a member of Turkish Ready Mix Concrete Association.

At Gülsan, we aim to create value for both the business world and the society together. Our performance is judged on the extent to which our projects integrate into their local communities and contribute to their development. Gülsan aspires to be an active contributor in communities where we operate. We want to maintain an open and continuous dialogue with NGO's

Gülsan invests in people. A devoted supporter of education, the organization issues more than a hundred scholarships for university students every year. To further encourage and celebrate educational development, the group has been acting as the donor of various school buildings.

In a world that faces critical climate change, renewable energy is more in demand than ever before. We cannot solve the climate challenge alone, but we can make a difference and be part of the solution. In Gülsan, we continuously seek solutions to reduce our ecological footprint. The Group's environmental management system is designed in accordance with the requirements in ISO 14001, and parts of the activities have been certified in accordance with this standard.